Handmade Brick Specials

Sussex Handmade Brick can manufacture any type of brick special, standard or non standard to fulfil our customers requirements. Each special is hand thrown into a traditional wooden mould. Our unique Brick Earth naturally takes to any shape, creating distinct detail without the use of cutting or bonding.

At Sussex Handmade Brick, we can match both original and classic detail as well as more intricate ornate shapes in either metric or imperial sizes.

All our hand thrown specials are available in our full range of colours to match with the rest of the build.

Our specials can be laid between a 4mm and a 10mm joint. If gauged specials are required please contact us to discuss in more details

Due to our production facilities, we offer a quick turnaround time and a efficient response to our customers requirements.

If you require a particular shade of colour or texture on any special brick to match with existing brickwork, we are more than happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with a detailed quote.


Traditional Name Brick Shape
Saddleback Coping special 12 icon
Half Round Capping special 20 icon
Dogs Leg special 3 icon
Squint special 11 icon
Single Bullnose special 18 icon
Single Cant special 19 icon
Plinth special 7 icon
Torus (Stretcher) special 4 icon
Rope Profile special 2 icon
Dentil special 16 icon
Glazed Header
(Blue, Grey, Silver & Black Available)
special 6 icon
Ornamental Header special 15 icon