About Us

Sussex Handmade Brick Limited


Established in 1896, Sussex Handmade Brick Limited is a family owned manufacturer of traditional handmade bricks and specials in both metric, imperial and bespoke sizes.

All of our bricks are made from ‘Brick Earth’ unique to the area. Clay is carefully extracted from our own maintained reserves adjacent to the rear of the bricks works. Once excavated from the quarry the clay is stockpiled and blended in a large pie like structure, where it is then left to weather down naturally before entering the mill.

The clay is then conditioned by the processing plant, water is added to obtain the correct moisture condition ‘typically 33%’ before it is then pugged into manageable size clots of clay for the hand makers.

The clots of clay are sanded by hand by the individual maker and are then thrown into traditional wooden moulds. The mould is struck with a wire to remove any excess clay, gently the maker turns the mould over and taps each corner releasing the brick from the mould placing the brick onto a metal tray where it awaits the drying rooms. Due to the natural high sand content in the clay, this means the bricks easily take shape during the hand throwing, creating attention to detail with a unique subtle texture and gentle creasing.

Once the bricks are dry, they are graded by hand and set in the kiln. Fired to different temperature programmes creates a mixture of colour tones, from light oranges to plum reds, through to purples and browns, keeping a consistent colouration of the product.

Once fired the bricks are graded and stacked onto pallets by hand where they are then shrink wrapped and placed into stock waiting to be delivered to their destination.

Choosing the correct brick for your property is critical to help achieve the appearance and style you have in mind. Using one of our range of bricks can ensure that your property will be full of warmth, character and charm.

Our bricks are used and supplied to many private dwellings, heritage or listed properties, country houses, hospitals and royal residences. Our efficient production techniques allow us to be competitive on price as well as having a quick turnaround time.

So, whether it’s a single private dwelling, a listed building or remedial works, Sussex Handmade Brick can help you.