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Welcome to Sussex Handmade Brick Limited
A name synonymous with quality handmade brick production since 1896. Located in an area of outstanding natural beauty, Three Oaks, Near Hastings, Sussex Handmade Brick Limited manufacture a wide range of genuine traditional hand thrown bricks and specials from the areas unique ‘Brick Earth’ found only in the West Sussex, East Sussex and Kent region.

Due to the areas unique clay, unlike many other manufacturers our handmade bricks are made without the requirement of much sand. This creates a brick with delicate, soft creasing marks, something totally unique to Sussex Handmade Brick Limited.

Combining traditional time proven methods with modern day firing practice our handmade bricks are available in a spectrum of colours. Light oranges, through to reds, purples and browns create this distinctive look of this quality product.

Renowned for quality handmade bricks, Sussex Handmade Brick Limited strive itself on offering a high-quality product combined with high quality service to every customer, large or small.
Our handmade bricks can be used in a variety of contexts, excelling with sensitive conservation requirements to compliment the most contemporary and modern design to form todays inspiring architecture.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to you, the customer and invite you to visit the brickworks, where you can see first-hand our handmade bricks being made from start to finish and choose the brick that best suits your individual requirements.

Our Bricks

Handmade Range

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All of our products are manufactured using Brick Earth, extracted from our own quarry to the rear of the brick works. All of our handmade facing bricks and specials are made in accordance with BS EN771-1 2014.

As well as producing facing bricks, our extensive knowledge of brick manufacturing enables us to produce a variety of standard and non standard specials in an array of colours and textures to compliment our range of bricks.

Due to the firing process, the kilns produce a range of light, medium and dark reds, with a fine sanded or a flour sanded face.

At Sussex Handmade Brick we pride ourselves on our commitment to you, the customer and invite you to visit the works where you can see the bricks being made and choose the brick that best suits your individual requirements.

Beckley Range

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Our Beckley bricks are produced on a traditional Berry machine, using the same Brick Earth as our handmade bricks. Due to the type of process, the Berry machine creates a brick with a unique smooth face and texture with almost no creasing.

The Beckley Range are available in three colours, Beckley Orange, Beckley Red and Beckley Dark Red. The three shades of bricks can be used on there own or together to create a blend.

Sussex Handmade Brick offers a superb bespoke specials service, from which we can create an individual product to match your build whether old or new.

Once we have discussed your requirements, our skilled mouldmaker creates a hardwood mould using the correct measurements allowing for shrinkage of the clay.

We can match the most intricate ornamental designs, so your project looks perfectly in keeping with the rest of the build.

We can match exact specifications to create miniature works of art, with just about any shape possible. Our skilful team can adjust to the most demanding of specifications. Once the wooden mould is created, the bespoke product is made by hand in the traditional methods used here at Sussex Handmade Brick.

William Blyth Tile Works is located in the historic town of Barton upon Humber, which lies on the southern bank of the River Humber.

Trusting traditional techniques and an ecologically friendly ethos, we have produced handmade clay roof tiles, floor tiles and fittings since 1840.

The two tile works at Hoe Hill and nearby Far Ings are both adjacent a peaceful nature reserve created by the clay extraction over the years. The sites consist of many open drying sheds, coal-fired down-draught kilns and a mill house.

Due to the adaptability of our manufacturing process, we can meet both bespoke and substantial orders quickly and efficiently.

Once our handmade tiles have been extruded and shaped, they are skilfully transferred to our open-sided drying sheds. This allows the tiles to dry naturally and in methodical rotation so maximum efficiency is achieved. Between 1.5 and 2 million units are made annually, used throughout the UK and in parts of Europe.

Our tiles are well suited for heritage and conservation work.