Cambridge Boat House using 65% Westfield, 20% Guestling Red & 15% Waverly Orange


The Westfield brick is a rich red colour with subtle shades of colour variation, made with the same floured sand as Guestling Red and Waverley Orange, creating a smooth texture with light creasing. This brick can be used with the Guestling Red and Waverley Orange to create darker tones amongst the lighter colours.

Brick Type Westfield
Dimensional Tolerance T1
Dimensional Range R1
Durability against Freeze/thaw F2
Active Soluble Salt Content S2
Typical Compressive Strength 20n/mm²
Typical Water Absorption 21%


Dimensions Bricks per Pack Average Pack Weight*
215 x 102.5 x 65 mm 516 1100 kg
225 x 107.5 x 67 mm 516 1300 kg
  • pack number for bespoke sizes may vary from these figures.
  • all packs are shrink wrapped and supplied on non – returnable wooden pallets.

Handmade Bricks in accordance with BS EN 772-1: 2011

Westfield panel

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Westfield Metric brick

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Images shown are for guidance only, actual colour may vary.

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