Guestling Red

Private dwelling built with a blend of Guestling Red and Waverley Orange

Guestling Red

The Guestling Red is made using the same methods as the Waverley Orange, except it is fired at a slightly higher temperature to create a distinctive red colour. This brick is predominantly used throughout London and South East England.

Brick Type Guestling Red
Dimensional Tolerance T1
Dimensional Range R1
Durability against Freeze/thaw F2
Active Soluble Salt Content S2
Typical Compressive Strength 20n/mm²
Typical Water Absorption 21%


Dimensions Bricks per Pack Average Pack Weight*
215 x 102.5 x 65 mm 516 1100 kg
225 x 107.5 x 67 mm 516 1300 kg
  • pack number for bespoke sizes may vary from these figures.
  • all packs are shrink wrapped and supplied on non – returnable wooden pallets.

Handmade Bricks in accordance with BS EN 772-1: 2011

Guestling Red panel

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Guestling Red

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Images shown are for guidance only, actual colour may vary.

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